Is Malaga a safe city for tourists?

I am going with children for 4 days to Malaga. I want to visit the city, go sightseeing, eat at Pimpi and get to know the Costa del Sol. Is Malaga a safe city for tourists? To travel alone and with small children?

Malaga is generally considered a safe city for tourists. It is a welcoming and friendly city, with a wide cultural and entertainment offer for visitors of all ages.

You will love El Pimpi from Malaga, it is one of the typical restaurants in the area.

It can be visited with children, as there are many activities and places of interest to enjoy with the family, such as the Picasso Museum, Málaga Park, the La Concepción Botanical-Historical Garden, and the beaches of the Costa del Sol.

For a person traveling alone, Malaga is also safe. You can enjoy a walk through the old town, visit the Alcazaba, the Malaga Cathedral, the Roman Theater, and enjoy the local cuisine in its numerous bars and restaurants.

In addition, Malaga has a lively nightlife, with a large number of bars and clubs for those who enjoy going out at night.

Malaga is a city with a lot to offer all types of visitors, whether as a family, as a couple, with friends or traveling alone.

Tips to avoid robberies on the street

Like in any city in the world. There can be bad people on the streets. Pickpockets, petty thieves and people who try to take advantage of tourists. But usually you just have to keep your eyes open.

  1. Keep your bag or wallet always closed and secured.
  2. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  3. Do not display valuable items such as jewelry or expensive electronic devices in crowded places.
  4. Be attentive to our surroundings and possible suspicious situations.
  5. Avoid walking on poorly lit or lonely streets, especially at night.
  6. Do not accept help from strangers, especially if they approach you in a suspicious manner.
  7. Do not leave personal items unattended, especially in public spaces such as restaurants or cafes.
  8. Use blocking systems on mobile phones and electronic devices to protect personal information.
  9. Do not share personal information with strangers, such as home address or credit card details.
  10. If you are a victim of a robbery, stay calm and seek immediate help by calling the police.

Telephone numbers

Important telephone numbers if you have any problem in Malaga

  • Local police: 092
  • Emergencies (ambulances, firefighters, police): 112
  • Regional Hospital of Malaga: 951 03 00 00
  • Tourist information office: 951 927 575
  • Malaga City Council: 952 13 60 00
  • Civil Guard: 062
  • Red Cross: 952 36 14 00
  • Roadside assistance service: 900 123 505
  • National Social Security Institute (INSS): 900 16 65 95

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