Landing of the Legion in Malaga – Holy Week 2023

Holy Week in Malaga has one of the most anticipated moments of the year with the Landing of the Legion. The legionary men arrive at the Port of Malaga to process the Cristo de Mena through the streets of Malaga.

The landing of the Legion in Malaga is one of the most anticipated moments of Holy Week in Malaga. Every year there is more expectation and thousands of people come to see the legionary soldiers in Malaga.

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When is the landing of the Legion in Malaga?

As every year, the Port of Malaga will once again host the landing of the Legion. This year the landing will take place on April 6 (Holy Thursday). It is one of the acts organized by the Congregation of Mena.

The ship ‘Contramaestre Casado’ of the Spanish Navy. A large military ship with 104 meters in length. She will arrive in Malaga with the singing of the bugles and trumpets. The ship will dock at the Adosado al Dique de Levante dock at 10:30 am on Holy Thursday.

Authorities and representatives of the Congregation of Mena will welcome the company of honors of the Tercio ‘Duque de Alba’, II of the Legion upon his arrival in Malaga.

Itineraries and streets 2023 – The route:

Dock Attached to the Levante Dam, Dock One, Dock 2-Palmeral de las Sorpresas, Plaza de la Marina, Alameda Principal, Puente de Tetuán, Avenida de Andalucía, Nazareno del Paso, Plaza de Lola Carrera, Cerezuela, Plaza de La Legión Española and Plaza Fray Alonso de Santo Tomás.

See landing of the Legion Online

The landing of the Legion can be followed live on television channels, YouTube and other online channels.

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