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Enjoy a Paddle surf trip in Nerja. Paddle surfing is a simple sport to enjoy the sea.

Buy or rent a paddle surf board?

If you go on vacation to Nerja and just want to do a day of paddle surfing. The best option is to rent a board for hours, rent for half a day or for a full day. There are several places where we can rent boards in Nerja.

If you come to Nerja every summer and you like paddle surfing. You can buy a table. There are boards between €290 and €390 in stores in Nerja.

Rent paddle surf boards

Where to rent paddle surf boards in Nerja or Maro

  • You can rent boards in some shops on Burriana beach.
  • Also in the Burriana nautical area next to the AYO beach bar.
  • On Maro beach and Herradura area
  • Varadero and playazo we find scooters for rent in Nerja.
  • Another option is to rent and book paddle surf online.

Where to buy a paddle surf board

  • You can buy your board at Decathlon
  • There are also good deals on Mistral boards at Lidl
  • You can buy at local stores (in Nerja)
  • And you can also buy online at Amazon.

Paddle Surf Routes in Nerja

More videos in www.facebook.com/nerjalovers

In Nerja you can do several Paddle surf routes. Enjoy touring the cliffs and take the best photos and videos with your gopro. You can rent a Go-Pro for your water activities in Nerja.

Paddle Surfing on the beach of Maro

From Maro beach you can visit the famous Maro waterfall. This waterfall is located 20/30 minutes from Maro in the direction of Nerja. There are times when there is no water. (it is dry). If you are looking to take the photo at the waterfall. Make sure the water flows. You can rent your paddle surf board in Maro or reserve it online. All online reservations will be guaranteed if time permits. (the days with bad weather there are no activities)

From Burriana to Maro Falls in Paddle Surf

From Burriana beach you can do the reverse route. Rent a paddle surf and tour the coves from Burriana to Maro. Passing through the peak of the tarzan, the Cueva de los Marinos, La Cala de la Doncella and the cove of the Coladilla ravine, where the “Puente del Aguila” is located. You can get from Burriana to the Maro Falls by paddle surfing or renting a kayak.

From Carabeillo to El Balcon de Europa in Paddle Surf

This route is beautiful. Tour all of Nerja from the sea and see Nerja from the sea. You can rent a paddle surf board and sail from Burriana. You can visit the beaches of Carabeillo, Carabeo, Calahonda, La caletilla and the Salon. You can see all the beaches and the Balcon de Europa from the sea. An impressive perspective. You can also get to the beach of the tower if you have the strength for it.

Paddle Surfing at Burriana Beach

If you want to take a little walk and don’t want to stray too far. You can rent a board and practice paddle sur on Burriana beach. You can rent for several hours on the Burriana beach itself.

Paddle Surfing at Torrecilla beach

We recommend renting your board online and picking it up upon arrival in Nerja. So you can take to any beach in Nerja and enjoy this activity touring all the coves of Nerja.


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