San Isidro Nerja 2024

The San Isidro Pilgrimage in Nerja is a popular celebration that takes place every year in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers and the city of Nerja. The festival takes place on May 15 and is one of the most important in the city.

During the Pilgrimage, a procession takes place in which the image of San Isidro is carried in a cart decorated with flowers and pulled by tractors. The procession begins at the Church of El Salvador and heads to Maro, where an open-air mass is held in honor of the saint.

This is one of the most popular festivities in Nerja. The festival is very popular among the inhabitants of Nerja and visitors to the city, who join the procession and participate in the celebration and its route.

In the Nerja Cave area there are food and drink stalls, where you can taste typical dishes of local cuisine. The San Isidro Pilgrimage is a very lively and colorful celebration that reflects the tradition and culture of the city of Nerja and Maro.

San Isidro Nerja 2024

San Isidro festivities in Nerja. The residents of Nerja celebrate the pilgrimage in honor of San Isidro in the center of Nerja and in the Cueva de Nerja area.

Here all the details:

Departure of the pilgrimage

📌 Church of El Salvador (Balcon de Europa)

Romeria San Isidro departure time

🕛 At 12:00 p.m. from the Balcon de Europa, Diputacion Provincial Street and other Castilla Perez.

San Isidro Nerja Tour

From the Balcony of Europe; Painted Street; Cantarero Square; Pescia Avenue; old N-340 highway; and arrival at the Nerja Cave (around 3:00 p.m.)

Celebration of San Isidro in Nerja

All the carts and all the people will arrive at the Nerja Cave site. In the Nerja Cave there will be a Tribute to the farmers. and Prizes for participants.

Performances in the senior area 💃🕺

  🎶 José Fernández
  🎶 Fernando del Paso
  🎶 Paco 'El Apañao'

Performances in the equestrian area

Area located on the Camino del Pinarillo.
🎶 The Chanelos
🎶 Alfredo Rodríguez

Performances in the youth zone (Caseta de la Juventud)💃🕺

Next to the entrance to the Nerja Cave. In the Nerja Cave parking lot. Performances:
🎧 DJ Arcadios
🎧 DJ Manuel Moreno
🎧 DJ Elías


Bus service from Nerja to the Nerja Cave
⏰ From 12:00 to 00:30 hours
More information: Nerja Bus

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