🔥 What is Terral? The hot wind of Málaga

The Terral is what the land wind is called in the Malaga area. There are several types of Terral. “The warm summer terral, the very dry and warm terral.

People in Malaga don’t want to hear this word. The terral synonymous with heat.

How to fight the terral?

The terral is like a wave of extreme chlor. Avoid going outside at times of maximum sun exposure. Drink plenty of water and hydrate well and have air conditioning or a fan in the house.

The terral causes the temperatures in the province of Malaga to rise. The thermometers rise and the heat rises.

Aemet explains how to identify the terral.

what is Terral?

It is a land breeze that blows at night from the land towards the sea. This happens as the land surface cools faster than the sea surface. The air comes from the north and when it reaches Malaga it meets the mountains and mountain ranges (Montes de Malaga and Sierra de Tejeda and Alhama), producing the Foehn effect. This causes the wind coming from the north to rise to pass the mountains and quickly descend towards the sea when it reaches the coast.

How is the Terral formed?

As it descends to the sea, this air gains a lot of pressure, an energy that is difficult to release. And it begins to compensate thermodynamically with the loss of humidity and increase in internal temperature. This is called ‘adiabatic compression’.

It is at this time when the temperature of all the towns of Malaga begins to rise. It can rise more than 10 degrees in 2 or 3 hours.

The terral of Malaga is not air that comes from Africa, it is an air that comes from the north of Spain that goes up the mountains very quickly and goes down to the sea. The terra de Malaga is also different from the extreme heat waves that can occur in the province.

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