How much money do I need to live in Spain for a month?

The cost of living in Spain may vary depending on the area in which you decide to reside. The Costa del Sol, in cities like Malaga or Nerja, tends to be a little more expensive due to its tourist popularity and high quality services.

To live on the Costa del Sol for a month, you would need around 1000-1500 euros in basic expenses. This includes:

Day to day expenses. Basic costs

  • Rent accommodation in Nerja: renting a one-bedroom apartment can cost around 600-800 euros per month, depending on the location and season.
  • Food in Nerja: the cost of food can vary, but an average budget for one person would be approximately 200-300 euros per month. It is good to always shop at local markets and stores to have the best deals.
  • Transport: public transport on the Costa del Sol is quite efficient and accessible, so you can calculate about 50-100 euros per month in this area. If you buy a motorcycle or rent a motorcycle for a month. You have very interesting offers. from €10 and €15 a day for several months.
  • Leisure and entertainment: if you want to enjoy nightlife, restaurants and tourist activities, you should consider an extra 200-300 euros.

To obtain the necessary money, you can use a combination of previous savings, income from a remote job, or even work temporarily in Spain if you have the necessary documentation to do so. In Nerja you can easily find work. – check Jobs in Nerja

Long term Stay in Spain

If you decide to extend your stay to 2 or 3 months, you should consider an increase in total expenses due to additional rental and utility costs. However, expenses would not necessarily be doubled, since you could get discounts for long-term rentals and optimize your budget in other areas.

To live on the Costa del Sol for a month, you would need around 1000-1500 euros, with the possibility of adjusting this budget according to your preferences and lifestyle. If you decide to extend your stay, you should consider an increase in total expenses, but also the opportunity to enjoy more time in this beautiful region of Spain.

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