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Júzcar (Malaga, Andalusia)

Júzcar is a beautiful Spanish municipality nestled in the province of Málaga, Andalusia, located in the westernmost part, specifically, in the Genal Valley. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and picturesque towns that make up the Serranía de Ronda region.

This beautiful Andalusian redoubt is located on a hollow, to the north of which is the Jarastepar, located in the Sierra del Oreganal. The lands of the term are irrigated by the Genal river and the ravine of Las Cañadas. It is about 25 kilometers from Ronda and 144 from the city of Malaga.

What things to see and what to visit in Júzcar

After marveling at the road that runs between chestnut trees with yellow flowers and white villages like Pujerra, it is possible to enter Júzcar and park the car right at the entrance of the town. From there, it is already possible to enjoy spectacular views of the blue and white houses, but the best is yet to come.

  • Route of graffiti and murals

One of the best things to see and do in Júzcar is to visit its famous graffiti route. This is the town known as “the town of the Smurfs”, for this reason, one of the most visited and beautiful paintings is the one with the evil Gargamel as the protagonist.

  • Zip lines and face painting

In the Júzcar site there are a good handful of experiences that, if lived during a weekend, can be enjoyed. Even more so, if you travel in the happy company of the darlings of the house.

For example, a boy can paint his face Sky Smurf blue, or, for girls, get a manicure with Sky Smurf paint. There are several bars that offer a tapas route and, of course, children will have a great time jumping on trampolines or zip lines.

  • Hiking

For lovers of nature and hiking, Júzcar also offers a little paradise. Three different routes have been created to explore freely: Moclón, Los Molinos and Los Riscos.

The first is a linear route of about 3 kilometers of medium-low difficulty, while the other two are circular routes of 1.3 kilometers with low difficulty, and 6 and a half kilometers with medium-high difficulty.

  • Beautiful and imposing viewpoints of Júzcar

Another of the wonders that this white Andalusian town offers are its beautiful viewpoints, among which the Mirador de La Torrichela stands out, a place where, in addition, it is possible to take many selfies with a statue of Big Smurf behind. However, the Mirador de San José and the Mirador del Jardón are also worth a visit.

Where to eat in Júzcar

In addition to being a town that invites blue and Smurf-like reverie, Júzcar is a municipality that offers all its visitors and locals a wide range of possibilities to taste and enjoy its excellent gastronomy.

  • Bar Pa’rriba Pa’bajo

People who come to this restaurant do so for the extraordinary quality of its cuisine. It is very easy to get to their tables, since it has an excellent location. Their foie gras dish is foolproof and delicious. In addition, it is the favorite restaurant for children.

  • The Bandolero Winery

The famous Juzcareño restaurant, La Bodega del Bandolero, has a succulent menu of traditional Mexican cuisine in the heart of Andalusia. It is impossible to resist its wide variety of dishes, such as its famous huevos rancheros.

  • El Casarón Tavern

Located at Avenida Havaral 1-A Júzcar, the breadth of the menu at Taberna del Casarón is just and necessary for a restaurant of this category. All those who visit it usually order food from other cuisines of the world. Its cheese is unbeatable.

Where to stay in Juzcar

The following is a brief list of the most popular places for those looking to relax after a busy day of sightseeing in the white Andalusian town of Júzcar.

  • Rural Accommodation

Located at Calle Fuente Caraila, 29462 Júzcar, Spain, about 20 kilometers away from Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor, also known as AR, offers accommodation with a shared lounge, free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk and tourist information desk.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, bed linens, towels, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a balcony overlooking the Genal River.

  • El Genal House

Casa El Genal is located 29 kilometers from the city of Marbella. It has a terrace, dining room and kitchen equipped with microwave oven, toaster and fridge. It includes a flat-screen TV and free access to the local swimming pool, located about 170 meters away.

  • Royal Tin Factory Apartments

Located in Júzcar, they have a terrace that offers views of the city. The establishment is located almost 30 kilometers from Marbella and provides free Wi-Fi in all areas. Some units have a balcony or patio. The bathroom in these apartments is private and includes a bath or shower.

Where to park for free in Júzcar

  • Public Parking

It is small and is usually always full after 9 in the morning, so the best way to park your car in this public place is to get up early. The good thing is that the Carrefour Alameda car park is 50 meters away, and both are totally free.

It is small and is usually always full after 9 in the morning, so the best way to park your car in this public place is to get up early. The good thing is that the Carrefour Alameda car park is 50 meters away, and both are totally free.

  • Mercadona car park

Mercadona Parking is a parking lot located in the Province of Malaga, which offers a totally free service to safely leave a vehicle. It is located, specifically, very close to the Cártama Town Hall and the Lacibis Cartama Polyclinic.

  • Guillén Sotelo Street Parking

This is one of the most coveted free and completely free parking areas in the municipality of Júzcar, between the Puerta Oscura Gardens and the Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens, right next to the Town Hall. Another excellent option to park your car safely and with a guarantee.

How to get to Júzcar?

Taking the city of Malaga as a starting point, the best option to get to the Smurf town is to follow the A-7 highway until you reach San Pedro. Then continue along the A-397 and exit at the MA-525, to finally take the MA-518.

What to do in Júzcar?

Júzcar is, without a doubt, the perfect municipality to be accompanied by children, thanks to all the Smurf-like atmosphere that you feel just by setting foot on its soil. In addition, apart from the graffiti route mentioned above, traveling this route you can enjoy zip lines, climbing walls, trampolines, etc.

Festivities in Júzcar

Among the most traditionally celebrated festivities in Júzcar are the famous Porretá, the Carnivals, the nocturnal Verbena on the eve of the nearest Sunday or holiday, the Serranía de Ronda History Days, at the end of April, the Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Moclón, among others.

Free tours and activities in Júzcar

This curious town, completely painted in blue, did not rise to fame until 2011, when the production company Sony Pictures chose it to promote their movie The Smurfs.

On a tour of its streets full of graffiti, it is possible to marvel at the beautiful distribution of its winding alleys and its mixture of blue and snowy houses whose balconies spill flowers of all colors. It is a little corner of this wonderful world, which is well worth visiting.

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