Monthly rental in summer

Monthly apartment rental in Nerja: A popular option for an extended stay

In Nerja, it is very common to find flats and apartments that are rented by months (monthly rental in Nerja), but sometimes there are people who need to rent accommodation for a long term or several extended months for tourists who want a stay long term, such as for residents looking for a place temporarily, or people who come to Nerja to work in the summer. This practice is especially popular during the summer season, when many visitors choose to spend a few months in this charming coastal city.

Rent in Nerja for months in summer

Renting an apartment in Nerja for a long period of time in summer is completely possible, as many owners are willing to rent their properties for several months in a row. This can be a great option for those who want to enjoy all that Nerja has to offer for a longer period.

Where to look for rental apartments in Nerja

We recommend you search in the Nerja lovers group and find apartments for rent directly with the owner: Properties in Nerja but we advise you to search in Google. Search and ask on all accommodation pages in Nerja.

You can find properties on the main real estate web portals:

If you are looking for an apartment. You can also ask in the forum. Ask in Nerja

Rent in summer in Nerja

It is more common to find holiday apartments in Nerja. and owners who rent for vacations. But if you search well in advance. You can find cheap apartments for 2 or 3 months. The normal thing to rent for the summer season is to rent for the entire season. From Holy Week (March), until the end of the Nerja Fair in October (October 15).

In general, finding monthly rental properties in Nerja is not usually a difficult task. There are numerous real estate agencies, specialized websites and vacation rental platforms that offer a wide variety of options for those looking for an apartment for months in this beautiful city.

Direct rental with the owner

When looking for an apartment for months in Nerja, it is important to take into account what type of apartment you are looking for. You can find everything from small studios to spacious penthouses with terraces overlooking the sea. There are also apartments in resorts with swimming pools and other amenities.

You can also search for apartments in the Nerja Lovers group: Properties in Nerja

In Nerja it is possible to find furnished apartments equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Some even include services such as weekly cleaning or internet connection. All of these factors can influence the rental price, so it is advisable to be clear about your priorities before starting the search.

Rent an apartment for months in Nerja is an excellent option for those looking for a extended stay in Spain. With a wide variety of options available and the possibility of finding furnished and equipped properties, it is easy to find the perfect place to enjoy a holiday or a longer season in this beautiful corner of the Costa del Sol.

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