🛵 Scooter rental Nerja – Discount code: 15% OFF #NERJALOVERS 2023 ✨

You can already reserve a rental scooter for this summer. Prices from €35/day. Rent your motorbike to move around Nerja. You can book online now and pick it up on arrival.

A moped. The best for mobility in Nerja. And now with the code #NERJALOVERS a 10% discount.

Write us for a quote: https://linktr.ee/nerjalovers

Where can I rent a scooter in Nerja

Send us an email and we will send you the best options to reserve a scooter in Nerja. There are several online companies that have closed due to covid. And new ones have been born. We have discounts for new scooter rental companies.

Why rent a motorbike in Nerja

Mobility in summer is difficult. There are many vehicles (cars). With a scooter or moped we can move throughout the city. Visit the beaches and the entire area of Nerja and surroundings. We can offer the best discount.

Parking in Nerja is very difficult in summer. With a scooter you can circulate and park for free anywhere in Nerja. The best way to get around in summer is to rent a scooter in Nerja.

Scooter rental prices in Nerja.

The rental price is from €35. There are discounts to rent mopeds for 1 week or for several weeks. We recommend you contact us before. And we help you reserve a scooter in Nerja at the best price.

Nerja Lovers discounts for motorcycle rental

We collaborate with sustained mobility. And we give you a discount if you book an electric scooter. Write to us. https://linktr.ee/nerjalovers

Electric bicycle rental

If you are looking for an electric and folding bicycle to take to your hotel room or apartment. We also recommend the best options.

Scooter rental in Nerja. In Nerja we can also book scooters or seedway at the best prices.

Write us for a quote: https://linktr.ee/nerjalovers

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