Nerja in August – The Weather, What to do, events & live music (2023)

It’s summer and it’s hot. We recommend you buy sun cream and make the most of the sunny hours on the beach. Nerja is located on the Costa del Sol, in the province of Malaga, in southern Spain. If you are going to visit Nerja in August, here are some recommendations for your trip to Nerja in August.


August temperatures in Nerja

In August, the average temperature in Nerja is around 28 degrees Celsius and the weather is generally warm and sunny. Sunrise in August is around 7 in the morning and sunset is around 9 at night.

August weather forecast

Usually in August it doesn’t rain. But it is always better to check the weather forecast in August before traveling. You can check the forecast for your trip in the iPhone or Android weather app. You can see the weather forecast in Google Weather, consult Alexa or also other pages such as, AEMET or AccuWeather.

Events in Nerja in August

In August, there can be various events in Nerja, such as music festivals, fairs and craft markets. There are also several festivals in the province of Malaga in August, such as the Malaga Fair and the San Agustin Fair in Fuengirola.

Concerts in August

Live Music in Nerja: You can enjoy concerts in Plaza España and Plaza los Cangrejos.

Nerja Cave Festival: Concerts organized on the occasion of the Cueva de Nerja Music festival.

Nerja White Party: It is another of the parties that are celebrated in Nerja in August. At this party everyone is dressed in white. There are concerts and live music on the Salón beach. You can see more information in the official program of the Fiesta Blanca de Nerja.

But you can also visit other music festivals that are organized in nearby towns such as:

Torre del Mar Festival, El Morche, Malaga or the Starlite Festival in Marbella.

August Fair

Malaga Fair

In August the Malaga Fair is celebrated, one of the most popular fairs and festivities in Andalusia. Normally this festival is celebrated from August 10 to 20. But every year it can vary 2 or 3 days up or down. You can see more information in the “Official Program of the Malaga Fair

Morche Fair

Next to Nerja, just 20 minutes by car, we can also visit the Morche Fair.

What to see in Nerja in August

August is a good month to visit Nerja and to see things. But you should know that there are many more people. the population in August triples. If you are going to visit Nerja in August, we recommend you book tickets to museums, monuments, tours or activities in advance. In “Nerja Tickets” you can see where to find the cheapest tickets.

Some of the best things to see in Nerja in August include the Nerja Caves, the Balcón de Europa, the area’s beaches and the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama Natural Park.

Accommodation in Nerja in August

In Nerja you can find all kinds of accommodation. Cheap hotels, pensions, hostels, 2, 3 and 4 star hotels, hotels on the beachfront or with a terrace. It is also a very good opportunity to rent a private villa in Nerja or a country house with pool between Nerja and Frigiliana.

Hotels with pools in Nerja

The best option to book a hotel in August is for it to be a Hotel with a Pool or a hotel with a Jacuzzi to cool off.

There are many hotels in Nerja with swimming pools, such as the Hotel Balcon de Europa, the Hotel Riu Monica and the Hotel Marinas de Nerja.

Country Houses in Nerja for August

If you are looking for accommodation in Nerja, here you can see the best rural houses in Nerja for August. – See rural houses – Also if you are looking for a villa, you can see some villas with pool here: villas with pool.

Nerja beach apartments

Renting an apartment in Nerja in August is a very interesting option. You can see the options that we recommend in the apartment list, or you can write to us and we will recommend some apartments for direct rent with the owner.

Last Minute Offers for August in Nerja

If you plan to book in Nerja, we recommend you book in advance. You can find very cheap prices by booking in advance.

Prices in August in Nerja

Prices are high if you book last minute. This is why we always recommend looking at vacation rental houses and apartments in advance. You can see offers at booking by clicking here, or book in Nerja for August directly with the owner.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in August?

Cheap Apartments in August

Normally in August the apartments are rented by the week. The average price of an apartment for 2 people in August is 400 per week if we reserve it in advance. If we book at the last minute, the price usually increases a lot and prices can go up almost double. Or for the price of an apartment we may have to look for a small hostel.

If we look for apartments for single days in August, the prices will be around €80/90 per day if we look for it in advance. (half price). On weekends the price may be higher.

Try doing an apartment search for August at booking

Cheap Hotels in August

In August, hotels in Nerja are usually booked well in advance. If you plan to book a hotel in Nerja for 1 or 2 weeks, we recommend you book well in advance. If the planned stay is for 1 or 2 weekend nights, it is also necessary to book in advance. But if you plan to travel during the week. It is possible to find last-minute hotel deals in Nerja.

If you are traveling with the family. We recommend you book your accommodation and the places where you want to go for lunch or dinner in advance.

Small hostels tend to have cheaper prices for August, try to book a small hostel in Nerja. Here you can see a list of cheap hotels in Nerja.

Is it necessary to book a restaurant in August?

It is not mandatory, but it is always advisable to book or arrive well in advance. August there are many people on the streets. We recommend you call the establishment by phone and secure the table reservation at your restaurant in Nerja.

Recommended beaches to go in August

Some of the recommended beaches in Nerja are Playa Burriana, Playa de Calahonda and Playa de la Torrecilla. If you want to reserve a hammock, we recommend reserve a hammock online

Where to park in Nerja in August?

In August, it can be difficult to find parking in the center of Nerja, so it is recommended to park in the parking lots authorized by the town hall and walk. In August it is better to leave the car parked when we find parking and walk to all places. In Nerja it is easy to walk to the beach, the center or move around the city on foot.

Park for free on the street: In Nerja it is possible to park on the street, always checking the road signs.

Car park in Nerja: To park in a car park, see the official website with the estimated prices of car parks in Nerja. You can also find some private car parks where you can leave your car safely: See Nerja Parking Prices

Best way to get to Nerja in August

Getting to Nerja from Malaga Airport

From Malaga airport you can go to Nerja by bus or taxi.

To get to Nerja from Malaga airport by bus, you can take the Alsa company bus from the airport bus terminal. You can see more information here: Bus airport from Malaga to Nerja

It is also possible to rent a car at the airport and drive to Nerja on the A-7 motorway.

Or book a taxi or uber that will take you directly to your destination. Here you can book an uber in Nerja

What clothes to wear in August?

It is best to wear summer clothes, shorts and flip flops. If you are going to do a hiking route in Nerja or you are going to do the river chillar route, we recommend you wear appropriate footwear. Good shoes to walk along the river.

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